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250ml Hair Mask with Vitamin E & Argan Oil


Hair Mask 250ml

I can’t even begin to tell you the difference this has made to my hair! Ok so I formulated it and made it myself and I sound like I’m bragging…..actually I am!! No shame in that, I love this product and so does my waste length hair that never see a hairdresser except a maybe once every couple years trim. 

Made in small batches like all our products to ensure they’re filled with as much love as they are amazing ingredients. 

Wash your hair as normal (I recommend and personally use one of our solid Shampoo Bars) apply generously at the tips of your hair and work well up into the scalp area. Leave for 10mins while you wash, shave, get a back rub from your significant other then rinse well. Towel dry and style as normal. 


Aqua, Conditioning Emulsifier 25, Conditioning Emulsifier 50, Argania Spinsosa, Hydrolyzed Oats, Nettle Extract, Oliv-Wax, DL Panthanol, Xanthan Gum, Guar Silk, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance Oil, Vitamin E